An Easter Prayer

My dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that I can even call You my father. Thank you for adopting me into Your eternal family when You reconciled us to Yourself over two thousand years ago today. Thank You for deciding that I was worth it to You, for personally saving me from that death that I deserve but would’ve even been too merciful of a punishment for a sinner like me.

Lord, just draw me a little closer each day, so that I can see more and more of my own darkness, the darkness that nailed You to that cross and kept You on there. Please help me recognize this darkness that just so naturally looms in my heart and consumes my thoughts and actions. Thank You for fulfilling what was said in the Scripture, rather than fulfilling Your own fleshly desires and taking the easy way out. 

Please forgive me for being like Judas, turning away from You and betraying You for just about anything when I feel like You are no longer serving my purposes, when You’re no longer “advantageous” for me. Forgive me for thinking that I only need You in my life when You give me what I want. Forgive me for not seeing You for who You really are, for not seeing Your worth, which cannot compare or be sold.

Forgive me for being like the chief priests and Pharisees, for being so blind to who You are and always trying to work out my salvation blindly and put on a show of righteousness for everyone to see.

Forgive me for being like Pilate, for being so okay with going with what the world says, rather than listening to and acting according to the truth. Your truth does not bend to our fickle emotions and limited minds.

Forgive me for being like Peter, for being so willing to deny you when times get hard, in an effort of self-preservation. Forgive me for thinking that You are not worth my all and giving up everything for, even success, wealth, my reputation, or my life.

Forgive me for thinking that I am in any way better than any of these people. I pray that not only in this Easter season, but every day, you never allow me to remove myself from this story. Please open my eyes to not only how blind I was before to my own sin, but also to how I am exactly like everyone else in this story that leads to Your death, because it was also my sin that nailed You to that cross. I nailed You to that cross. Thank You for paying that price that I could not afford to pay.

Forgive me for being me.

I will never understand why You chose me, and continue to choose me over and over again. I am nothing, and I have not much to offer You. But because of Your amazing grace and the perfect power of the cross, I can stand here in front of You, unashamed of who I am, simply resting in the fact that You love me. But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. It really is just that simple. You love us. Our relationship is one of love. You are love. Thank You for being exactly who You are, and thank You for taking me exactly as I am.

You will be praised, forever and always, because You are worthy.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


The Savior of the world was fallen. His body on the cross, his blood poured out for us. The weight of every curse upon Him.

One final breath He gave, as Heaven looked away. The Son of God was laid in darkness. A battle in the grave, the war on death was waged, the power of hell forever broken.

The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away. His perfect love could not be overcome. Now death where is your sting? Our resurrected king has rendered you defeated!

Forever, He is glorified. Forever, He is lifted high. Forever, He is risen, He is alive. He is alive.

We sing hallelujah, the Lamb has overcome. [“Forever” – Kari Jobe]


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