The Big Questions | No. 1

‘Who are you?’

When John the Baptist was asked this question by Jewish priests and Levites, it’s safe to assume they didn’t just mean quite literally, who are you, in terms of ‘What’s your name?’ But rather, they were asking why he was so different from everyone else. Even in answering this question about who he was, he pointed it all back to Jesus, calling Him the Lamb of God because He will redeem us with His blood. He saw his rightful place in God’s story, and saw that he was not the main actor, but one of the many minor actors who lead and prepare the way for Jesus.

‘Who are you?’ There are two aspects to this question. Do we know what our identity is, and are we willing to empty ourselves from all the other ones that we so desperately cling to? Not only that, but are we living in such a way that others will wonder, ‘Who are you? What causes you to do this?’ when they look at our lives?


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