The Heart’s Mind | No. 5

We never really stop and wonder how Jesus did not hesitate to quietly endure our payment while He was on the cross. He knew that our actions demanded death (Romans 6:23), and chose for His death to be the one to cover us all. None of us are free from sin without Jesus’ perfect blood paying the ransom, perfect even to the point of death. He perfectly embodied everything that made Him God even while on that cross, from His perfect forgiveness of one of the robbers next to Him to His patience in enduring all the mocking. Not once did He try to take the easy way out and claim His rightful spot as King. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for remembering us and not fighting and trying to cheat your way out of the deal you struck to purchase us from our rightful deaths. Lord, I pray I’ll make this life that You bought back count.

Crucified, laid behind the stone. You lived to die, rejected and alone, like a rose trampled on the ground. You took the fall and thought of me above all. [‘Above All’ – Michael W. Smith]

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