Life | No. 6

I find myself getting competing advice all the time. Obviously, not everyone can be right.

I’ve been joining a lot more clubs and doing more things this year, which has affected how much time I spend with my fellowship. I’ve been told that it’s good to diversify and still live in the world and do relational evangelism that way. I’ve also been told that some of the things that I like doing in other clubs are things I can do in my fellowship, in the context and frame of God.

I had to make yet another decision about what to do when I was going to go to a concert this week with one of my good guy friends alone. Everyone I talked to for advice gave me different options, from simply just not going with him, because we could potentially cross some boundaries from spending so much time together, to telling him how I felt and trying to define boundaries with him, to simply asking other people to come. Eventually, I just decided to drag with of my friends with us (I’m sure she had a good time though). But I still wasn’t sure if that was the right decision, or if it was the only solution to salvage what was never a good decision in the first place, to even order tickets to go to a concert with just him.

‘If you’re easily swayed by people, just don’t listen.’ (Ironically, my friend told me this, so does this mean I shouldn’t listen to her advice then?) In other words, also stop asking so much, because it’s so hard not to listen. This seems counter-intuitive. But with so many competing voices, how do we hear and discern what is God’s, when His is possibly the quietest and most peaceful of them all? God will not compete for our attention. God will speak to us in His time, in His own way. Yes, sometimes it is through other people, and we shouldn’t discount that, but we also have the Bible for a reason. The Bible has something to say about every aspect of our lives, and we can be sure that God will speak to us directly if we just have a little faith.

I’ve been spending all my time asking other people how I think God would want me to live my life, but I haven’t stopped much to ask God directly how to live my life. It’s like a game of telephone, where God is trying to reach me, but instead of getting the message from Him, I’m going through these other people, and the message may get distorted along the way without my knowing.

The beautiful thing about the cross is that the veil between us and God was torn in two. We no longer need other people to intervene for us, like a high priest, because Jesus, who is God Himself, is our intercessor in Heaven. We have direct access to God, our Father, but yet we still act like we do not when we forget to ask Him, the one who knows best and completely, what we should do. Lord, I pray that every day You become more and more of a reality to us and solidify Your rightful place in our hearts.


You tore the veil. You made a way when You said that it is done. At the cross I bow my knee where Your blood was shed for me. There’s no greater love than this. You have overcome the grave. Your glory fills the highest place. What can separate me now? [‘At the Cross’ – Hillsong]


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