What’s ironic is that those who don’t have the courage to take risks and those who do, experience the same amount of fear in life. The only difference is that those who don’t take chances worry about trivial things. If you’re going to have to overcome your fear and doubts anyway, you might as well make it count. [John C. Maxwell]

I heard this quote today during a message, and like many other moments in life, it was not a coincidence that it paired so perfectly with a song that’s been on my mind recently, ‘Your Promises’ by Elevation Worship. We only reduce God’s perfectly crafted message to us to a coincidence when we don’t take the time to reflect on our lives. That being said, I think His message to me now is to take a risk. Seek first His kingdom, worry less about all the other things. Seek first, and all these other things I no longer worry about will be added to me.

I’ve been worried about how adequate I am. I constantly feel like I’m not good enough to serve: I will never be bold enough to outreach, musical enough to be a ‘good’ praise leader, smart enough to answer apologetics questions. But my lack will not stop God. When we fear we’re not enough, it’s okay. We just have to acknowledge that we know we’re not enough, and just sit back and allow God to work in us. His perfect love casts out all fear of not being good enough, it drives out all the fears the world continues to enslave us with. He offers freedom. He offers us His promises.


As I walk into the days to come, I will not forget what You have done. For you have supplied my every need and Your presence is enough for me. 

Doesn’t matter what I feel, doesn’t matter what I see. My hope will always be in Your promises to me. Now I’m casting out all fear for Your love has set me free. My hope will always be in Your promises to me. 

[‘Your Promises’ – Elevation Worship]


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