Dear Younger Me

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time? What do you wish someone would’ve told you, if they really knew how you were feeling and what you were going through then?

Dear Younger Me,

You’re angsty, and you should acknowledge that. But more importantly, maybe slow down to ask yourself why. I know you must think you’re so on fire for God, ready to balance everything – church, dance, internships, and, oh yeah, classes. But you can’t do it all, and you can’t even balance what you end up doing. And you’re gonna freak out.

Biggest warning of all: don’t freak out to the wrong people. You’re gonna want to tell him everything wrong in your life. I know you think you need him in your life, but you don’t, and he doesn’t need you either, and you just gotta get over that. No one can or ever will love you as much as God does, in exactly the way you need to be loved. God is so much greater than anything this guy could give you, and you don’t ever need to do anything to earn it or prove to Him that you deserve to be loved by Him.

I know you think you got this, that college will be a piece of cake like high school was. But think back, was it really, or were you just forgetting, like you always do? College will suck. You’ll lose the friends you were so excited for. You’ll experience so much pain from so many deaths in the first two years. You’ll live through (twice!) something that feels like heartbreak and withdrawal. You’ll continue to battle insecurity and depression again, not to mention wrestles with friends. Your friends, they will frustrate you to no end. Just keep holding on to God and try to see the greater picture of His perfect plan for you. I promise there’s something in store.

You’re gonna continue to believe you need a guy to feel complete and loved, and I get that. But when you start to hear that voice that continues to perpetuate this lie, just remember who God is, how faithful He has always been, how He’s been the one to get you through every hard time, not some guy. So don’t give up on God quite yet. Just learn to be still and let Him carry you. Don’t fall back into old habits of wanting to do everything yourself. You’re not alone anymore.



A slightly older you


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