The Heart’s Mind | No. 14

Following up on last week’s post on drinking from polluted pot holes, I came across ‘The Only One’ by Jimmy Needham, which captures everything I was feeling:

I’ve drank water from sewers and gutters,
Too shameful to utter.
But You’re not like the others.

So if You’re the bread then fill me up. 
If You’re the water fill my cup. 
‘Til lesser loves are washed out to sea.
Why can’t I see You’re the only one?
You’re the only one,
Father, Spirit, Son, 
Who satisfies me. 

Sometimes it’s almost shameful to admit the different ambitious dreams we’ve been secretly (or not-so-secretly) pursuing. It’s shameful because we think we should know better by now that these things don’t satisfy. However, each time these desires for something other than God shifts (such as focusing on career to focusing on relationships), we forget the lesson we learned and think it’ll be “different this time.” Drinking from different polluted pot holes does not make them any less polluted just because it’s different. God is so holy that even a tinge of any essence that is not Him makes the entire source of water polluted.

God is holy, holy, holy (Isaiah 6:3, Revelation 4:8). The only attribute of God that is repeated three times in succession like this is His holiness, because holiness is exactly and perfectly who He is. His holiness makes Him completely different and separate from us, who, though created in His image, can only ever become righteous because of Christ in us. God as the true source of water just makes sense – His pool of water is clean for the purpose of us being able to drink from it; all other puddles of water are not clean, because they are not set apart for this purpose. Our careers, relationships, or anything else were not created with the capacity to satisfy us. May we never get so consumed in them that we begin to think they can.


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