Musings From the Bus Bench | No. 1

What I failed to calculate is the cost of my fierce individuality: the loss of emotional resources that turned out to be critical for enjoying my achievements and successes. [Dr. Will Miller, Dr. Glenn Sparks]

In this day and age, it’s hard to remember what life was like before we were online all the time. What would I be doing before bed if there was no Netflix or YouTube? What would I be doing when I’m alone waiting in line? What would I do to show my friends all the awesome food I’m having or the awesome hike I went on or the awesome life I live? (Please note the sarcasm as actually a satire on what might actually be a half-truth about our thought processes.)

All these different needs and compulsions we experience now are purely self-made. We have no innate desire to do these things. They didn’t exist before the age of technology, and we were never longing for this. This is not the way we were meant to live. Being online should not be the norm; we should not be at a point where we’re only “on” and functioning properly if we’re on our phones or computers. Continue reading “Musings From the Bus Bench | No. 1”