Who Am I?

No one ever wants to recall the Dark Ages that was middle school, but the question of “Who am I?” inevitably brings me back to 8th grade, when my language arts teacher asked us to answer this incredibly open-ended question. Being the cynical, “you-don’t-know-me” teenager that I was (and still am), I opted for more of a rant about how preposterous the prompt was, rather than actually answering the question. Which, ironically, is what I’m doing again.

Every blog I’ve read has an About page, and I’ve always wondered what I’d write if I had my own blog. It is much harder than it looks. So, a little background on myself…. I grew up in church, but didn’t make that personal commitment to God until I was eighteen, so about half a year before I started this blog. I’m sadly no longer eighteen. I am a dancer. I have too many pairs of shoes. I don’t drink coffee, despite being from Seattle (but I enjoy the occasional Starbucks). And I’m new in town.

I’m sorry this was so anti-climactic.